“We can’t use nature to prove God exists but we can appreciate Him through nature.”

Proof of the existence of the infinite using the finite.

  1. When we or the Church talks about God we talk of a God that is eternal. Nature as we see it today exists but in a brief moment when compared to the span in which God operates. To prove the existence of God is just impossible due to the fact that if nature was the sole proof of His existence, then when the temporal evidence ceases to exit, it takes along with its demise any direct implications or proofs about the existence of the Divine.
  2. Let’s simplify the problem with perishable beings and memories. For instance we as humans have a temporary body that is bound with time and can wear down and decay. To simply put, if you can prove one’s existence ONLY by seeing their physical form directly is to say they seize to exist when we physically do not see them. Hence we cannot firmly use nature to be the sole proof/ a concrete proof that God exists.

Now to my second part that I so graciously added.

We can appreciate Him through nature.

  1. Since we talked about physical bodies in the above section we can indeed attest to physical forms of affections that can enhance one’s relationship. Similarly nature at its present form can be used to enrich our spiritual experience with God as we all know the beauty of God is dispersed throughout our universe.
  2. I see it fitting that art in the form of literary works revel and hint at the existence of God and the Divinity seen in nature. So it is acceptable to use nature as a medium to appreciate the beauty of the Divine creator but not as the proof for God’s existence.

P.S. This was a question asked in a book club and I decided to add it as a story.

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